Lead Guitars goes to Japan

Zum ersten Mal haben wir eine Gitarre nach Japan verschickt!

Es handelt sich um die wundervolle „Hemingway – Pink Paisley“ der feinen Manufaktur „moews Guitars“, die nun im Land der aufgehenden Sonne ein gutes Zuhause gefunden hat.

Hier das lesenswerte Schreiben unseres Kunden Akira, mit dessen ersten Eindrücken:

„This wonderful guitar left Potsdam on May 17 and arrived in four days, exactly on my birthday, May 21.

The guitar was neatly packed in a sturdy cardboard box. Opening the box is always exciting. Wow! Here is my first impressions.

What a beautiful guitar! The relic work on this guitar is very tasteful. The headstock design is also excellent. The Telecaster shape with a sophistication is superb.

I will hold it. Light!  This lightness is surprising for solid alder body.

Great neck shape and feel too! “Sweet V” shape is really feel good in my hand. The corner of the fingerboard is beveled, giving an even better impression of the feel when I grip the neck. I have not seen this kind of treatment on any other guitars. The feel of the fretboard is also excellent.

That’s all for first day.

I’m going to put it on the rack and let it recover from its long journey for a while. Well, two days have passed. Let’s check the conditions.

The neck is slightly warped. The center of the neck is also a little off. Loosen the neck plate screws and retighten them in the proper position. Adjust the truss rod and straighten the neck with proper relief. The accuracy of the neck is remarkable. There is no buzz at all with the very low action of 1.1mm on the 1st string and 1.6mm on the 6th string at the 12th fret!

I had to raise bridge saddles to get these string heights. An even lower string heights can be used if necessary. There are surprises from the moment while tuning the strings.

The neck resonates beautifully. The raw sound is very loud, almost like a semi-acoustic guitar.

I’ll connect it to the amplifier. Pickups are really great. The neck position “Moews Blues” seems to be a P-90 type, it has warm, full tone with the clarity and articulation. The “Moews Firebird Gold Foil” in the bridge position is a so-called “mini humbucker” type?

It has a much brisker sound than the mini humbucker, similar to a normal Telecaster bridge pickup, but with more fat and no unpleasant treble tone.

Beautiful, lightweight and resonant with precision neck. Great sound and playability! It will definitely get everyone’s attention at the next gig!

I would like to thank Ralf Schalck of Lead Guitars and Det & Micha Moews of Moews Guitars.“


Photo courtesy of Akira K. ©